What do people want from advertising?

What do people want from advertising?

Advertising continues to be an important element of customer journey and experience. After all, it sets expectations against which the experience is judged.

Our focus in advertising research is two-fold. Evaluating what makes an ad persuasive and measuring the difference between what the ad promises and what the product or service delivers. In other words, does the ad work for the target audience and are the expectations created by the ad fulfilled by the customer experience.

Over the years we have learned there is a lot of consumer skepticism about advertising. Many people feel that brands make promises they don’t keep. However, people are not naturally negative and want to engage. Therefore, brands that stick with clear propositions that deliver what they promise have a big opportunity to build trust with their customers and make them feel valued and cared for. Brands can also make themselves different from competitors, where other players don’t fulfill what their customers are led to believe.

Below are four elements that our experience shows people want from advertising:

1. Transparency

When information is missing, unclear or confusing, people are most likely to interpret this as brands attempting to conceal something about the offer. For example, many people are switched off by small print and won’t even waste time looking into the product because they believe there might be something extra to pay that the ad is not telling them about.

2. Honesty

Don’t promise something that you won’t or can’t deliver. This is obvious, but it’s surprising how often it happens. A prime example is offering a product that is limited in stock which quickly runs out when demand exceeds supply. Another is making customers jump through hoops before they qualify for buying the product. For example, having to collect tokens before they can get a discount.

3. Relevance

You should provide enough and relevant information to create interest in the product or service, but it shouldn’t be so detailed that people struggle to read and comprehend it. Instead, point people who want more detail to where they can find it. If they are interested in the offer, they will make the effort to find out more.

4. Price clarity

Be crystal clear about prices and what customers get for their money. People want the ability to make an informed decision about whether to look into the offer further based on the value they perceive. Not knowing exactly how much it will cost is certain to seriously damage people’s belief in the offer, leading them to think more negatively or to become skeptical about the proposition. For most, a lack of cost detail is a turn off.

These are our four recommendations. Do you agree?

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