Is customer experience really driving your business?

Is customer experience really driving your business?

Are the results of your customer experience measurement fully embedded in your business and used to inform strategy and drive customer-centric business activities? 

If you answer no to any part of the question, then your customer surveys are probably just tick-box exercises creating little business or consumer value. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

To offer comfort, overcoming barriers to changing how you run and use such programmes isn’t easy. But it is a challenge worth rising to. The benefits of embedding customer feedback are considerable. You will gain knowledge of the following:

• what drives customer loyalty and satisfaction

• where barriers and pain-points lie

• where to focus activities to address these issues

• where your budget will have the greatest impact

• how to make the offer consistent across all channels and interactions

• what efficiencies you can make and what creates business value

We have helped a number of clients design, implement and manage customer experience programmes that fulfill the above promises. During this time, we have identified a number of stages that businesses go through on their way towards achieving these goals. Understanding where your organisation’s programme lies on this spectrum is the first step towards reaching this desirable destination:

Stage zero – not measuring customer experience at all and having little or no interest in doing so

Stage one – not measuring customer experience but appreciating the potential benefits of implementing such a programme

Stage two – measuring customer experience but where it is largely a tick-box exercise with few or no action plans

Stage three – where measuring customer experience is in place and there is awareness of some issues, but action plans are inconsistent and ineffective

Stage four – where measurement of customer experience is an important activity, there is good awareness of key issues and there are consistent action plans for managing them

Stage five – where measuring customer experience is at the centre of all business activities and where the company creates and maintains dynamic action plans for responding to customer feedback

Please get in touch to see how we can help you move from basic measurement to an ongoing strategic customer experience and action programme.

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